Strumming Course

Only for those who need more help with strumming, rhythm and timing.

Take your strumming to another level!

  • From total beginner to intermediate level
  • Master rhythmic subdivisions with my Strumming Family Tree
  • Learn a wide variety of strumming tips and tricks 
  • Includes interactive tab and full colour ebook

About this course

More than just downs and ups, this course will help with strumming, rhythm and timing. By covering essential basics and more, this contributes to instinctively knowing what strumming pattern to use whenever you learn a new song! 

Included in this course

10 in-depth videos

Let Andy guide you further into strumming techniques on the guitar, by learning all essential steps

Interactive tabs and jam tracks

See and hear tab in real time. Slow down or loop sections for ultimate easy learning!

Track your progress

Set goals, automatically pickup from where you left off and know what to practice next with our personalised learning platform.
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