Andy's Intermediate Guitar Course

Hello and welcome to Andy's Intermediate Guitar Course!

The general contents of this course include;

  • Consolidation and recap of the core beginner skills, knowledge and concepts 

  • A complete guide for how to make a personal plan for yourself going forward 

  • A directory of every technique, theory and stylistic points in and around an intermediate level 

  • Covers rhythm and lead guitar lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar equally

Intermediate Course Overview  

This course is organised into seven sections, each with seven videos. These sections are;

1 - Practice time

Learn how to create a practice routine, set goals and get the right musical outlets that work for you to supercharge your progress on guitar

2 - Genres

Understand what makes each genre and the key techniques

3 - Chords and Triads

Master the neck with triad shapes, the CAGED system and note finding!

4 - Techniques

Picking techniques such as flat picking, alternative picking and how this applies to real songs. String bending, hammers ons and flick offs and harmonics etc

5 - Strumming and rhythm

In depth in 16th strumming, muting and even percussive techniques

6 - Scales

The Major Scale, pentatonic, blues scale, and how to use them in improvisation, what works where

7 – How to Jam in different keys

Here we apply everything we have learned so far into the common major keys including the chords in each key, song examples and how to improvise a solo in each key on acoustic or electric guitar!

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