Lesson 8 - How To Use A 'Capo'

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A 'capo' holds down the strings a certain fret. This is beneficial in many ways, including;

  • Changing the pitch of the guitar. This enables us to play more songs with easier chords. It also enables us to play songs in the key or the original recording. For example, Wonderwall by Oasis needs a capo at 2nd fret to sound correct

  • Changes the key to match the singers voice without having to change the chords we play

See Andy's capo recommendations on the shop page!

A couple of things to remember when using a capo are:

  • You may need to re-tune your guitar with the capo on

  • Place the capo as close to the fret as possible to minimise string buzzing

  • Never leave the capo clamped on the strings between playing, this can damage the strings, the guitar and the capo

  • Capos hold the strings closer to the guitar, making it easier to play!

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