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Welcome to day 6 of the 10 day Ukulele starter course where we're learning another classic Uke tune - Hakuna Matata!

We've covered a lot about musical keys in the past few lessons. However, many songs do not stick to these rules, and seem to change to any available chord. In this video, i'll try and demystify this for you and give you my advice for when you know the chords to most of a song, but not all of it.

Day 6 Chords


​Day 6 song - Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata chord sheet link


Yes, Hakuna Matata has more chords than just those listed above. The lesson here is this; there will always be songs you want to be able to play, but some bits are too hard for you right now - this even happens to me! What has always worked for me is playing the bits I can do and enjoying it, taking on board what that song does (the chords, the riff, etc) then shelving that song for now and moving on to the next song. You will gain so much more playing experience this way. 

Remember, songs were not written to teach you anything! Songs exist to entertain the listener. As musicians, we should learn what we can with them, but there is no need to learn every song you try perfectly. Only perfect the songs you are going to either perform or learn as an exercise, such as other songs in this course. 

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