Easy Method To Learn Scales In Different Positions

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All guitar scales (minor pentatonic, major scale, etc) exist in 5 different positions on the neck (same notes, different locations)

After learning position 1 of these scales, it is awesome to learn them in different parts of the neck - but this can be super tricky! Even worse, it can be impossible for some to actually put this into practice, either when improvising or learning solos,. Sometime it just doesn't make sense!

Here, we look at 2 common scale extensions for the minor pentatonic scale. These include the lower notes from position 5 and the higher notes of position 1. This is awesome for anyone wanting to learn about how to improvise a rock or blues style guitar solo, or even just learn more about the fretboard!

This is a smaller taster of what is to come from my Rock and Blues Lead Guitar Course, coming late November 2017!

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