How to play the F Barre Chord + top tips to make it EASY!

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This is it, the dreaded F chord! Most beginner struggle with this one for a reason- it’s an improver/ intermediate level chord and very much a step up from basic open chords!

f barre chord

Top Five tips for the F BARRE CHORD!

  1. Use the side of your 1st finger (thumb parallel to the 1st finger)
  2. Use your thumb in open chords to build thumb muscle
  3. Train fingers 2, 3 & 4 separately
  4. Change chord just after beat 4
  5. Practice changing to common chords used with the F

Common chord changes to practice

  • F barre to C
  • F barre to G
  • F to Am

More common changes

F tends to be found in songs in the key of C. The chords in the key of C include

C - Dm - Em - F - G - Am

Master the changes between all these chords to ensure you never struggle to change to the F bare chord ever again. This can take a month or two but do the right things and you’ll get it!

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