How to play Happy Birthday

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Here's how to play Happy Birthday for beginner guitar! 

This is great on acoustic or electric - be sure play it for your friends or family once you know it- they'll love it!

Happy Birthday is probably the most well known song on the planet, so it’s well worth learning. See the TAB under the video!

Song is an extract from Andy's course Easy Fingerstyle for Beginners. 

Happy Birthday - simple guitar TAB

Getting the rhythm right

There is a jolly ‘bounce’ to this song, which is shown by the symbols in brackets just above the first bar. This shows that the 8th notes should all be played with a bounce aka swing rhythm. In basic terms, this means play it to the rhythm that you would sing it - singing along will help!

Get the songbook!

Get the TAB for this song plus 11 other simple guitar songs in a beautifully printed full colour songbook along with more help and guidance from Andy.

Ideal for those who like to have the TAB in a book open in front of them while watching the videos on full screen!

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