Mike Bradley Masterclass - Introduction

Learn how to jam and improvise wonderful lead guitar lines with this jamming masterclass featuring Mike Bradley!

Andy and Mike have been teaching guitar clinics together for the past couple of years. In this unique course, they take you well beyond the basics and give huge insight into how to improvise and create soulful, melodic and advanced rhythm and lead guitar parts.

What's included?

  • Over 2 hours of HD video lesson tutorials teaching rhythm and lead ideas and concepts

  • 12 Audio jam tracks for you to practice improvising over

  • Interactive TAB synced to video for EVERY rhythm and lead part played - see video for examples!

  • Learn how to improvise and create your own rhythm and lead lines from scratch

  • Focus is on creating clean, soulful, melodic lead lines (think John Mayer, chilled Hendrix etc)

What level is this course?

This is an advanced level course. Intermediate level concepts such as chords in a key and essential scales are recapped over, but this course quickly moves into the advanced territory of mixing scales, advanced techniques and faster playing.

Who is this for?

The ideal student would have followed Andy's intermediate Course and have at least some experience of lead guitar playing and improvising. However, this is NOT a step by step program. To get the most from the course, the viewer must delve into the interactive TAB, learn the licks and spending plenty of time improvising over the audio jam tracks while applying the concepts and licks they have learned.

What should you know before taking on this course?

The ideal student would be able to demonstrate;

  1. E and A shape barre chords

  2. 16th strumming

  3. Major scale, minor pentatonic and the major pentatonic scales

  4. some knowledge of intervals and chords in a key aka basic diatonic theory

  5. some experience with lead guitar - the more the better!

All of these items and more are covered extensively in Andy's online Lead Guitar courses

Watch Andy learn one of Mike's solos!

In this video, Andy shows how you can learn even the most advanced parts covered in this course using the interactive tab feature. Watch the video and take a look at the possibilities for yourself!

What is 'Interactive TAB'?

Every rhythm and lead part in this course is fully tabbed using interactive TAB synced to a video of that guitar part. With this feature you can see exactly what note is being played and by which finger in real time. Turn on the fretboard graphic to see what note and scale shape is being used - all in real time!

Lick too fast? You can slow down the video and tab and loop a section, then pay along and build the speed back up until you have mastered even the fastest of licks. Basically - it's the ultimate way to learn lead guitar!

Are any neck diagrams included?

Yes - neck diagrams are used throughout this course to explain lead playing concepts or to illustrate scale shapes and positons.

See below a screen shot of the kind of lesson notes you can expect from this course ⬇️

Who is Mike Bradley?

Mike is a professional guitarist, session musician, content creator and guitar educator based in London, UK. He has played venues such as Shepherds Bush Empire and The Astoria and has supported artists such as Paul Weller, Blondie and Katie Melua. Andy and Mike have been teaching sold out guitar clinics and retreats with www.guitar-breaks.com for the past couple of years to great success.

Check out the Mike Bradley Youtube channel here

Next Up: Lesson 1 - Simple jam in A major

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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