Quick Guide To Advanced Acoustic Guitar!

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In this video, Andy and Mike Bradley discuss how to become advanced acoustic guitar player. This is a casual conversation, but you can find some helpful links below based on the topics we cover, which could help move your playing forward - so check out the links below!

Musical keys and musical context

Th "key" of a piece of music is the group of pitches, or scale, that forms the basis of a composition. Musical context describes what style/ genre the music is, and therefore what scales, techniques or style of playing is appropriate to accompany that piece of music.

Learn more about musical keys here

Topic 1- Chords

Want to learn advanced chords for different genres to spice up your rhythm playing? See these recommended course links below!

Advanced acoustic blues w/ Mike Bradley

Topic 2 - Rhythm, fingerstyle & percussive muting

Want to learn how to improve your rhythm and add percussive taps, mutes and beats to your acoustic guitar playing? Try this recommended course on just that!

Learn Percussive fingerstyle

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Topic 3 - Advanced lead on acoustic?

Andy's lead guitar syllabus - beginner to advanced!

Topic 4 - Ear Training

Through ear training, we can learn songs just by listening to them and jam along without any written help. This is a goal, or indeed a dream, of most people. This can then lead on to not only learning songs much faster, but also to instinctively improvising a solo or accompaniment without even having heard the song before, which is what the pros can do!

Earn training is a learnable, teachable skill that does NOT require perfect pitch!

Want to get started learning songs by ear? Start here