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Welcome to a brand new series where I teach you TEN songs with just TWO chords, but ONE chord in each song is a barre chord!

I owe a lot of my YouTube success to my original 'Play TEN songs with two EASY chords' video on YouTube. One reason for the massive amount of views this video has gained is that it finally enabled even a complete novice to play real songs with chords that they had previously struggled with. Now, I hope this series will give a similar breakthrough to those struggling with the dreaded barre chords!

As always, I will also demo an easier chord option where appropriate for when playing the barre chord just isn't happening and give further advice on how to play real songs at this level. 

Don't let a couple of pesky chords spoil the fun of playing guitar. I hope this series helps and I wish you all the best!

SONG 1: 'Walk On The Wild Side' by Lou Reed

CHORDS: C major and F major


Easier F chord options


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