Lesson 1 - Introduction and 'Strumming Family Tree' concept

In this course, I show you more than just downs and ups. Over this series of videos, we'll cover everything from how to hold your guitar properly, to building your technique and intuition towards been able to instinctively know what strumming pattern to use whenever you learn a new song! 

One of the ways we train this instinct is by following the Strumming Pattern Family Tree concept. The 'Strumming Family Tree' diagram is a helpful guide throughout this entire course allowing you to make the most progress in the shortest possible time. It is now available as part of a free ebook when you unlock this course by purchasing the digital streaming option or the physical Strumming DVD!

Andy's Strumming Course includes the strumming to use every time you first learn a song, and will then focus on 8th strumming patterns of different tempos (something MOST strumming courses neglect!). It also covers the signature strumming patterns of Folk music, Country, Pop, Rock and Blues.

Next Up: Lesson 2 - How To Hold A Guitar Properly

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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