B5 - 01 The C Chord

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The C chord

This chord is the biggest stretch we’ve done so far and is a totally new shape. It is however so common that you need to take the time to learn and be able to play it.

Thumb position

Many pro guitarists use their thumb to mute the thickest string on some chords. This is really useful is you can do it as it help us to use higher level strumming patterns & not have this string ringing out when we don’t want it to (shown by the ‘x’ on the chord box above)

Thumb position to mute string 6

However, to play ‘barre chords’ (harder chords that we’ll look at later) we need to develop this muscle (see diagram opposite) or the harder chord grips won’t ring out. Both of these thumb positions are useful in different situations (i.e. songs) so it’s best to be comfortable with either. If you struggle, try both and stick to the one that works for you!

Thumb position to build grip strength

Both these ways of playing should be learned and mastered for best progress!