B3 - 02 Chord Changes for Level 3

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A to D change

We worked on this at the previous level, so this should be OK, yeah? If it isn’t, you really have to have this down before you move on to the G chord at all...

G to D change

You can just lift your fingers off and go for a standard G to a D chord. However, many players and songs use the ‘Big G’ here because it sounds nicer and the change is easier. THIS is the reason the only new chord at this stage is a G- so you can master this change! If you do, everything afterwards will be easier. If you don’t you’ll likely have to keep revisiting this over and over. Preserver now- you’ll need it to do some of the best songs at this stage including Free Fallin' by Tom Petty/ John Mayer and Highway To Hell by AC/DC!

G to A change

No anchor finger for this change, so you just have to lift your fingers to change.

TOP TIP! Try and memorize the shape your hands make for each chord!

Remember how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.. ;)