B2 - 03 8ths All Down Strumming

In this strumming guitar lesson, we're looking at 8th strumming. This where we split a beat into 2 & a bar is split into 8.

8th ‘all downs‘ strumming

This is a pair of 8th strums. These add up to 1 beat and are joined at the top- the idea is it makes it easier to read.

quaver strum pair

If we do this for every strum in a bar, we split a bar into 8 strums, hence the name ‘8th strumming.

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Here, you simply play twice as many twice as fast. However, the count MUST be ’1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +’ otherwise your chords will be to the wrong count.

Tapping your foot to the beat

It really helps if you develop the habit of tapping your foot whenever you listen to any music. This will help you feel a beat naturally, rather than having to count it.

You should also work towards tap your foot on the beat with ALL strumming patterns you learn. This means you will internalise the rhythm and make playing in time natural and easy!

Tap your foot on the beat while playing either of the strumming patterns at this level, or any that you know.