B6 - 05 Introduction to the notes on Guitar

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Now we’ve memorised a couple of scales, we need to cover the notes we have available to us, and then where they are on a guitar neck. But first, the basics.

Guitar Note Names EXPLAINED - Learn The Fretboard on Guitar

But what do these Sharp and Flat things mean?

What are sharps and flats

It always confused me why this was the case. Why have sharps and flats at all? Why not just have more letters? This we just have to accept. Music is a language and all languages have their rules and quirks.

Note names on guitar

Many of the naturals (non-sharps) fall on the dots; including G, A, B, and E on the double dot at 12th fret. This is a great way to check that you’re right! In fact, its awesome to memorise these so you don’t have to count up all the time!