What is "Another Guitar Show"?

I am proud to announce that I will be bringing a brand new weekly Guitar Show to YouTube! 

It is called - Another Guitar Show!

The following video contains more info plus a two minute clip of what to expect from the show. 

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The show will be around 30 minutes long and will be released on YouTube every Sunday from now on. 

This show is created in partnership with my friends at yourguitaracademy.com with a focus on free guitar education. 

Whether you are a total beginner or a gigging professional, we am to make the show fun and entertaining while also making your guys better guitar players!

When will the show air?

The first show will be up on my Andy Guitar YouTube channel from 5pm UK time this Sunday. 

The second show will be live on the Your Guitar Academy YouTube CHANNEL - WHICH I RECOMMEND YOU SUBSCRIBE TO HERE!

Each show will then alternate between the Andy Guitar YouTube and the Your Guitar Academy Youtube channels - so be sure to subscribe to both so you don't miss an episode!