Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

In this free beginner guitar lesson, we're checking out how to play the song Glory Days by 'The Boss' - Bruce Springsteen!

The first video shows how to play this with 3 easy chords and no capo.

These 3 chords are A major, D major and E major. This is part of the free series of how to play 10 songs with E, A and D, which is free on this site here! 

This makes it a perfect song choice for anyone doing Level 2 of my free beginners course, which you can check out here.

The video further down this page shows how to play the riff and how to add more advanced strumming. This is still with no capo, but that video is a bit more advanced than this easier lesson.

Glory Days - Easy 3 Chord Song Tutorial

Glory Days - Intro Riff Tutorial

Glory Days - Music Video

Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen LIVE!

If you want to play the famous 'blues shuffle' riff that this is based on, check out this free lesson here! More free info on this page!