Band Program - Electric Guitar

A free online band experience program for electric guitar.

Join the band!

  • Learn full songs all the way through (not just a riff!)
  • Get support and coaching playing along to songs in manageable steps
  • Learn the solos, licks and embellishments that are missed in basic YouTube tutorials
  • Learn a full setlist of songs, just like being in a band
  • Get the feeling of playing along with a real live band from the comfort of your own home!

About this course

A free online band experience program for electric guitar. Learn all the guitar parts for a set of 21 songs then jam along with Andy and the band!

Included in this course

21 HD song tutorials

Andy teaches you 21 songs including riffs & solos plus bonus beginner friendly arrangements.

Helpful fretboard graphics

Fretboard neck diagrams assist video tutorials so you easily learn each song quickly.

Jam along with the band!

Full play along videos for each song covered. Grab your bass guitar and jam along with the band!

What our students say

Thank you for making this series! I am not good enough to be able to play with other people yet but this gives me an opportunity to practice.


A great and original idea to make vids for other guitar players/musicians to jam along with! Very nice to watch to your studio vlogs too. Great job Andy.


This almost made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a secret dream of mine. THANK YOU ANDY!!!! ❤❤❤


I think this is better than playing to an album version. This has to be the next step to get your ear into timing and changes and fills and being in the moment. Great idea Andy.

Kevin Gibbet

I love these tutorials. It was a breakthrough for me when you had a version of Learn to Fly that did not need bar chords. Thank you!

David Smith
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