Improver to Intermediate

Bridge the gap between Beginner and Intermediate with this Improver level.

Bridge the gap!

  • Proven method for progressing on guitar
  • Expand knowledge for both acoustic and electric guitar
  • Learn how to play along to a full complete song
  • Break into more complex guitar work
  • Includes top quality audio tracks to jam along to

About this course

Bridge the gap between Beginner and Intermediate with this Improver level. Course includes lessons plus audio jam tracks for you to jam along with and test your skills as you improve.

Now includes interactive TAB that is synced to video!

Improver Course Songs

Included in this course

23 HD video lessons

Let Andy guide you through the phases of playing lead guitar, from learning scales to improvising freely.

Tabs and jam tracks

See and hear tab in real time. Slow down or loop sections for ultimate easy learning!

Track your progress

Set goals, automatically pickup from where you left off and know what to practice next with our personalised learning platform.

What our students say

"I have done your Improver Course, and (as usual) this course is excellent. It is very easy to follow, and the instructions and tips work great for my learning style. I especially appreciate the play along tracks to practice with, they really help me!"

Larry Feher

"The F barre chord lesson is superb; I really liked the camera angles and explanation of wrist, arm, elbow and thumb position. I tried the F barre chord and played it clean first time!"

Pete B
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