Day 7 - Key of G '4 Chord Songs' and 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz

Hi guys, and welcome to day 7 of this 10 day guitar starter course!

Today, we're looking at how we can play 100s of songs with the same 4 chords- very useful for anyone wanting to get a large number of songs in a short space of time!

Click the ‘Chords’ icon above for the online chord sheet for this '4 chord song' or ‘Songbooks’ to checkout my recommended paperback songbooks for beginners!

This lesson is inspired by this video by the copy rock band - The Axis of Awesome. My tutorial, which does work as a standalone video, is below.

The 4 chords you need

When changing between the following chords, we keep the 3rd and little finger down the entire time. This makes the changes between them MUCH easier for most people, though you can play them using a standard D major, E minor and C major also if you prefer.

Photos & diagrams from Andy’s Beginners Course Book, available in paperback & to download now!

g-maj 11-noel-g-maj-photo

dsus4 17-dsus4-chord-photo

emin7 22-em7-chord-photo

cadd9 21-cadd9-chord-photo

Strumming suggestion

The pattern used here is the most common strumming pattern EVER - useful when we want to play 100s of songs!

Most common strumming ever

Full 4 chord song song demo/ play along!

Once you’ve completed the lesson from the video above, watch Andy demonstrate the full song and play along using this video!

4 Chord Song example - 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz

I'm Yours - online chord sheet here

What's next?

If you've successfully played along with Andy in the full demo video above, you're ready to move on to Day 8 of this acoustic guitar course where we'll learn an awesome riff for the song 'The Joker' by the Steve Miller Band!

If you've found you struggle, you may wish to checkout The previous days in this course OR Andy's complete Beginners Course, which is a more in depth version of this starter course, links below!