Del Amirti - Tell Her This

I can't remember when I first heard this song, but it has always given me a bucketload of 'the feels' every time that I have. Some of you may recognise it from the TV show 'Scrubs', which I'm also a big fan of!

In this lesson, we'll be covering a simple version of it in standard tuning using a capo at 6th fret. The original 'like the record' version still uses a capo at 6th fret, but re-tunes to a popular folk tuning called DADGAD tuning. I'll be doing a lesson on DADGAD tuning, and re-visiting this song when I do! The TAB and tuning instructions to put your guitar into DADGAD tuning are here.

The chords/lyrics sheet appropriate for this video is here.

Strumming Pattern

RE: Strumming and time signature;
I should have mentioned in the video that the official time signature in this song is 12/8. I teach it as 6/8 as in my experience teaching 1 to 1 it is much easier for students to play the correct pattern while counting to 6 (i.e. 1 2&3 4 5&6 with D DUD D DUD) especially with the up strums and the fact that each chord usually lasts this long. In retrospect, I should have explained this in the video, or just taught it in 12/8 - my apologies! :)

With time signatures, the top number represents how many beats per bar, and the bottom number represents how long each beat is (crotchet, quaver, etc). All of this will be covered in my upcoming premium courses coming later in 2017!