Essential Music Theory for Guitar // Chords in a Key

The key of G is probably the most guitar friendly key. This means that all the common chords are relatively easy to play and the G major scale can be played in open position if desired, making it also relatively easy to play.

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A musical key tells us which notes and chords go together well to form chord progressions and melodies. Therefore, a musical key is the core building block of songs.

Learning about musical keys will help you learn more songs, learn them quicker and allow you to remember songs easier. 

The technical name for the chords in a key is diatonic i.e. from the tonic. In this lesson, we'll be using the guitar friendly key of G as the example.

For the essential pre-curser to this lesson >> see this video on the key of C.

G major scale 

  G – A – B – C – D – E - F# 

  1     2     3     4    5    6     7    

Chords in the key of G 

  G - Am - Bm - C -  D  - Em (G/F#) 

   I       ii      iii    IV    V     vi    (vii)

Example chord progression 

|G          |Am          |Bm          |C          | 

Song examples; 

Relative Minor Key – E minor (Same chords as key of G)

Song examples in E minor;

Oasis – Talk Tonight

Shallow - from the movie A Start Is Born - Lady Gaga

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