F Barre Chord

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This is it, the dreaded F chord! Most beginner struggle with this one for a reason- it’s an improver/ intermediate level chord and very much a step up from basic open chords!

f barre chord

Top Five tips for the F BARRE CHORD!

  • Use the side of your 1st finger (thumb parallel to the 1st finger)
  • Use your thumb in open chords to build thumb muscle
  • Train fingers 2, 3 & 4 separately
  • Change chord on beat 4
  • Practice changing to common chords used with the F
  • - F barre to C

    - F barre to G

    - F to Am

    Other common chords

    F tends to be found in songs in the key of C. The chords in the key of C include

    C - Dm - Em - F - G - Am

    Master the changes between all these chords to ensure you never struggle to change to the F bare chord ever again. This can take a month or two but do the right things and you’ll get it!