How To Tune A Guitar using a FREE APP

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It is really important to be sure that a guitar is in tune before you play it. Otherwise it can sound bad, no matter what you play!

Remember  to tune the guitar before every time you play it!

Here I have filmed a new 'How to tune your guitar' video with kids, teens and also adults who don't know about guitar in mind!

Please note that kids under 12 should not tune their own guitar without adult supervision. Any children or teenagers wanting to tune their own guitars should have experience doing so with an adult present first BEFORE trying on their own. Strings can break while tuning!

However, this is an essential skill that any beginner guitar player needs to learn.

Let's do this!

Here I used the free 'Guitar Tuna' APP, which I have found to be the easiest and quickest way for any beginner to tune their guitar!

Once your guitar is tuned, make a start on the FREE 10 SONGS IN 10 DAYS series here!

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