Andy's Improver Guitar Course - Introduction

Hi guys, Andy here, and welcome to my course on barre chords and other improver level skills! This is the follow on from my Beginners Course and includes everything needed to take your playing to the next level! This course will give you the skills required to be able to play any improver level song on my website and beyond. I hope you enjoy this course and that it helps you master barre chords and power chords.

  • 14 video tutorials (3.5 hours of lessons approx.) covering barre chords, power chords and advanced open chords plus strumming and chord embellishment techniques!
  • 11 play along tracks (audio + video) + TAB with chord symbols (TAB included in book + on DVD!)
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    Specific topics covered include this course include;

    • F barre chord and the B minor barre chord - plus how to change between these and open chords
    • All major, minor and dominant 7th barre chords – split up so it doesn’t become over whelming!
    • How to play open chord shapes higher up the neck
    • Introduction to 16th strumming, hammer on’s, slide techniques, music theory & improvising.

    THIS IS A PREMIUM COURSE – IT WILL NEVER BE AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBESee some free preview extracts below


    "I have downloaded your Improver Course, and (as usual) this course is excellent. It is very easy to follow, and the instructions and tips work great for my learning style. I especially appreciate the play along tracks to practice with."

    "Received the Improver Course today - great service; the book looks very professional. The backing tracks sound really good and although I am not ready to start it yet (I have some beginners' level 6 & 7 chords and songs to nail), I could not resist watching the first 2 lessons!"

    "The F barre chord lesson is superb; I really liked the camera angles and explanation of wrist, arm, elbow and thumb position. I tried the F barre and played it clean first time!"

    "I am really looking forward to progressing into this when I am happy with my beginner's abilities. I also appreciate the fact that this course is only available to premier paying clients.

    A great job, well done, you should be proud."

    Bob Hylands