She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult

Here we look at how to play the chords G, C and D on an acoustic guitar. We can then play the song She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult as shown. You can also play any of the 10 songs in this series with these three easy chords

Here's the official music video

Here's a great live version where you can see more clearly the fingering he uses and subtle variations in the riff. N.B. the band are tuned down half a step in the video below! (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Guitar sound and effects

As with most of my youtube videos these days, I used Garageband to get the guitar sound, plugged straight into my computer via a Focusrite 2i2. i do this so I can tweak the sound after recording, or even change it all together. A great little 'real' amplifier that will create a great rock sound is the Blackstar HT-1.

These are the settings I used to get the sound you hear in the video.

Specific effects used are delay and chorus, plus an overdrive pedal.