Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

In this series of videos, I show you 10 riffs or songs that use notes from the E minor pentatonic scale, the easiest and most common scale for rock and blues! If you have not covered this scale, please watch this video first where I show you how to play it!

In this video, we cover how to play the song Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. 'Riff 1' in the TAB below the video uses a 'Whammy Pedal'. This makes the pitch go down, similar to a Whammy Bar on Stratocaster guitars. This is needed to be able to play this riff, but you can also just play it normal.

Riff 2 is where I'd like your attention to be focused for this level, along with the chords for the rest of the song and the rhythm in the verses. This is a fantastic song from the Rock band of the moment- enjoy!