Status Quo - Caroline

Here's how to play 'Caroline', the legendary set opener from a great British rock band - Status Quo. In honour of guitarist Rick Parfitt who passed away on Christmas Eve.

Status Quo were probably my Dads favourite band, and therefore they were one of my earliest introductions to rock music and I grew to love them as much as he did. My Dad passed away back in 2010 at age 62, so it’s always hit me hard when another one of his heroes passes away too. 

Expect more Status Quo. But first, make the most of these 3 in depth videos teaching you;

  1. The main riff in depth (and advice if you struggle)
  2. The verse/ chorus sections, including different parts Rick and Francis played
  3. The classic, and fairly easy intro lead line!

The TAB for the into and main riff is here.

If this is too hard for you - check out my introduction to the 12 bar blues riff in this video lesson here!

Once you've learned the riff, the general chords/ lyrics sheet to navigate your way through the rest of the song is here.

Intro and Chorus Chords (12 bare blues in F)

|F     |F     |F     |F     |

|Bb   |Bb    |F     |F     |

|C     |Bb   |F     |C     |

Verses Chorus 

|F     |F     |Bb   |Bb   |

|F     |C     |F     |C    |

The TAB for the lead riff is here.