Strumming Pattern 1 - The Beat

What are bars and beats?

Beat- the regular pulse throughout

Bar- 4 beats, to a count of 1, 2, 3, 4

Tempo (aka bpm)- the speed of this count

 Strumming Pattern Intro - Spreads

strum 3

This is where we strum once per bar on beat 1. The chord should ring out for the rest of the bar. This is a great place to start when learning any new song as it gives you chance to learn the chord changes. Plus- many real songs actually start like this!

Strumming Pattern 1 - 4th Strumming (On the Beat)                                                                                                                     strum 4

Chord sequence 1 (From Andy’s beginner’s course)

E and A spreads


The goal is to play this strumming with the chord sequence below; a bar of E and a bar of A!

Song examples;

For What Its Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Love Me Do - The Beatles

Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Rae Cyrus

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