Lesson 5 - 8th All Down Strumming

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8th notes- splitting a bar into 8

This is how a single 8th note looks alone. This is not seen often seen in the early stages but stay with me…

quaver strum

This is a pair of 8th strums. These add up to 1 beat and are joined at the top- the idea is it makes it easier to read.

quaver strum pair

If we do this for every strum in a bar, we split a bar into 8 strums, hence the name ‘8th strumming.

Strumming Pattern 2 - 8th Strumming

Here, you simply play twice as many twice as fast. However, the count MUST be ’1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +’ otherwise your chords will be to the wrong count.

Strumming-Power-8ths 1 Basic

NEW interactive TAB!

Set tempo to 80bpm (start slower if you need to), hit 'Loop', and jam along! 

On mobile, double tap TAB to loop and click the 'cog' symbol to set bpm.

Song examples with this strumming pattern;

Silence Is Easy - StarSailor

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Get Back - The Beatles

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