Beginners Course | Andy Guitar

My comprehensive beginner course, learn chords and then songs with those chords.


Help with basic skills such as tuning your guitar, reading chord diagrams and chord sheets.

Level 1

Learn how to play 10 songs with 2 easy chords - E major and A major with very easy strumming!

Level 2

Learn the D major chord, get help with changing chords, learn 8th strumming and many more songs with just E, A and D chords

Level 3

Learn the G chord and some cool techniques that will enable you to play any of the pop and rock songs at this level!

Level 4

Here we add some easy minor chords and look at expanding to other genres such as fingerstyle 

Level 5

How to play a full C chord and Fmajor7 Chords. We'll also learn out first scale and the 2nd most common strumming on guitar!

Level 6

This is very much the ‘Pop song’ level. There are loads of hit songs at this level, most featuring the most common strumming on guitar - EVER!

Level 7

Here we'll cover B7 chord and some easy Blues Guitar techniques and riffs! there are also some classic vintage songs at this level - not to be missed!


This level features a batch of songs easy to hard that don't fit into any particular level anymore or that I filmed a long time ago.