Rock Guitar 1 - Electric Guitar Starter Course (Beginner) | Andy Guitar

Learn the core elements of Rock guitar playing then jam along to rock style jam tracks right away! Learn how to jam along to your favorite records.

Beginner Rock songs for Rock Guitar 1

Suggested Rock songs you can play with the skills covered at Rock Guitar Level 1

Electric Guitar Starter Course - Introduction

Lesson 1 - Easy Power Chords E5 and A5

Lesson 2 - Open Chords E, A and D

Lesson 3 - Heavy Rock Style Palm Muting [aka chugs!]

Lesson 4 - Picked Arpeggios

Lesson 5 - AC/DC Style Chords for Beginners

Lesson 6 - Power Chords Part 1

Lesson 7 - Power Chords Part 2

Lesson 8 - Wide Fret Power Chords

Lesson 9 - Easy Pentatonic Riff

Lesson 10 - Easy Pentatonic Lead Line