Intermediate Guitar Course (acoustic and electric) | Andy Guitar

Andy's Intermediate Guitar Course for acoustic and electric guitar

What to expect

Free teaser videos to show you what to expect from my Intermediate Course

Intermediate 01 - Practice

Suggested practice routines, exercises and goal setting

Intermediate 02 - Genres

An overview of the most popular guitar genres including examples with TAB

Intermediate 03 - Chords & Triads

A complete overview of barre chords, triads and CAGED chord shapes

Intermediate 04 - Technique

Detailed look at all core intermediate guitar techniques for rhythm and lead playing

Intermediate 05 - Strumming

Essential strumming patterns, techniques and how to read rhythms

Intermediate 06 - Scales

An in depth look at most essential scales, how to practice them and make music with them!

Intermediate 07 - Jamming

Complete guide of how to jam both rhythm and lead in the most common guitar keys