Rock Guitar 3 - Rock Lead Guitar (Intermediate) | Andy Guitar

Learn licks and techniques specific to the Rock genres, then learn how to improvise your own guitar solos over 10 audio jam tracks!

Lead guitar solos and tutorials for Rock Guitar 3

Scales, techniques and lead guitar solo tutorials to really test your lead guitar skills!

How to solo and play lead with the minor pentatonic scale

Rock Lead 00 - Introduction

Rock Lead 01 - Pentatonic Scale Extensions

Rock Lead 02 - Pentatonic Patterns

Rock Lead 03 - Hammer Ons & Pull Offs

Rock Lead 04 - Correct String Bending Technique

Rock Lead 05 - Vibrato Technique

Rock Lead 06 - First Finger String Bending

Rock Lead 07 - Unison Bends

Rock Lead 08 - Double Stops

Rock Lead 09 - Five Easy Licks

Rock Lead 10 - Five Harder Licks

Rock Lead 11 - How To Improvise With Scale Notes

Rock Lead 12 - How To Improvise With Licks

Rock Lead 13 - My Favourite Lick!

Rock Lead - Audio Backing Tracks