10 Day Acoustic Challenge

Andy's ten day quick start program for acoustic guitar!

Pick up and play!

  • Proven method for learning guitar
  • No previous experience required
  • Chords, techniques and songs all covered 
  • Introduction to fingerstyle, strumming and scales 
  • Get BONUS videos not on youtube!

About this course

Total beginner? Want to get started quickly? Start here!

Learn a new song each day for ten days, then play along with Andy to the whole song.

Included in this course

10 HD video lessons

Let Andy guide you through 10 songs on guitar, from learning chords and tips to start playing straight away!

Clear chord and strumming diagrams

Easily learn chords and strumming patterns with the help of fretboard diagrams and annotations.

Get BONUS videos not on youtube!

Jam along with Andy to the full song in exclusive play-along videos that are NOT on youtube!

What our students say

Andy, You my friend are a wizard at instruction. I have just finished your 10 day starter course and already feel like I can play the guitar. Fantastic Andy. You should have seen my face when I pulled off Wild thing! I can't wait to follow it up with the beginners course. Thanks again, keep rolling out the videos!

Greg Anderson

"When my grandchildren ask me about what I did during the pandemic, I'm going to tell them about how I got stuck at my parents' house learning something I always wanted... music. I can't thank Andy enough!"

Diana Valeria
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