The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

What a tune, here's how to play Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.

We play this with a capo at 7th fret, therefore the chords become D, G, A and E7 for most of the song. I highly recommend strumming these basic chords along to the recording (youtube video below) before trying the technical bits - have a strum and a sing first like George does in the live video below.

Then take your time learning the intro picking as I demo in the video, which kind of sounds like fingerstyle but is actually picked, a technique known as Flat Picking.

Wonderful song - all the best with it!

Basic Chords 0:55
Embellished chords 2:52
Picking the melody 5:56
Tips for those who struggle 9:05
Chorus & End chorus picking 9:58
"Sun sun here it comes" 12:39
"Sun sun" really easy way! 15:30