U2 - With Or Without You

Here's how to play the classic song With Or Without You by U2!

This song just has 4 chords; D, A, Bm and G, each chord lasts for a barre.

As the B minor chord can put some people off, I'll show you how to play it a very easy way (without barring), as well as the standard barre chord version!

Half way through, we'll also look at how to play the very easy lead riff, just like The Edge! The delay time and amount is crucial for this song and others to sound correct. The delay must be set to a 3/16th delay at 110 bpm (or around 410ms) to get the right effect. The number of delays (repeats) is set fairly low, while mix (loudness of delays) should be set high. For more info on how to get this sound, watch this video here!