Bad Nerves - Palace

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Here's my Open Mic Sunday post and test of my new live stream setup using my youtube cameras!

Open Mic Sundays are where Andy Guitar members post covers on the membership discord of songs they have been practicing.

The live lessons happen every Monday at 6pm UK time here are also for members only. This is where you can get direct interaction with Andy. You can ask questions and request song tutorials for Andy to teach in real time. Some live sessions have a topic or theme so we can explore a topic in depth, some are all requests. Tune in live or re-watch previous live sessions on the dashboard here.

Here's the song I cover in the video above. Here's the chord sheet to jam along to the original recording. Transpose this chords sheet to -7 to jam along with me in the video above, which I did because the vocal was way too high for me in the original key! (a handy trick to know should you ever find a song too high for you to sing).

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