New Andy Guitar website! - FAQs etc

Welcome to the new look Andy Guitar website!

This is the launch of a massive rebuild which will allow us to add awesome new features and a much better user experience. It may not look too different now, but the code of the entire website has been re-written, updated and modernised to keep up with the highest standards!

As with any updates, things may have changed or moved, making it perhaps harder to navigate initially. To help with this, see some common FAQs below!

Finally - please use the ratings system at the bottom of the homepage to rate the new website and please leave a comment there to let us know what YOU would like to see us add, change or improve!

Loads of new features in the pipeline. For now, here are the FAQs and answers to help you get used to the new digs!

New website FAQs

Where are the Beginners Course songs?

We have moved the songs to a new 'Songs' page, which is here and the Beginner songs arranged in levels are here Let me know what you think to this new update!

Chord sheets

Annoyingly, the chord sheet links disappeared with the latest website update due to a small coding error. We will fix this asap and the chord sheet links will be back in place very soon. My apologies, thanks for your patience!

Favourites/ Completed

You can now find your favourites on the search page here See the tick and star in the top right of the search bar? it's subtile, and we'll be making it more obvious in the near future, but with such a massive website redesign, we just wanted to out a working version out asap!

I purchase an ebook and now it has disappeared!

The ebooks now appear as a link on each lesson page for that specific course. The link is under each video, and the ebook pdf can be downloaded from there also.

Mobile/ tablet APP FAQs

I paid for a premium course, but cannot find any downloads!

Presuming that you are signed in with your email - you can access your premium courses from the 'Library' TAB on the app. For practical reasons, videos only appear in the 'downloads' section after they have been manually downloaded by you, which can be done by clicking download icon on each lesson in that course.

I cannot log onto the iOS app on my apple device, why?

The app update is not available yet as we're awaiting approval from Apple. As soon as Apple OK the update, you will be able to update your app. We've done everything we can to avoid any disruption, but due to a major website update we've had to do things in a strange order this time. Sorry for the disruption, it shouldn't take more than a day or two for the app update to roll out. In the meantime, please use the website *Update* This appears to have been sorted now, please check the app store for the latest update!

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