Day 8 - G Major Scale and 'The Joker' by Steve Miller Band

Hi guys, welcome to Day 8 of this Guitar Starter Course where we'll be checking out the G major scale and a riff to a classic song that uses this scale!

The song we'll be learning is 'The Joker' by the Steve Miller band- a fantastic song to get your mates singing along to! We'll be learning the riff and the song in full, plus easier 'strum and sing' options.

Click the ‘Chords’ icon above for the online chord sheet for 'The Joker’ or ‘Songbooks’ to checkout my recommended paperback songbooks for beginners!

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G Major Scale


Click this link to view the full TAB (for the riff) & Chord sheet for this song!

N.B. Tuning is D G C F A D if you want to play along to the original record.

Or - Once you’ve completed the lesson, watch Andy demonstrate the full song and play along using this video below!

Chords needed

g-maj 11-noel-g-maj-photo

cadd9 21-cadd9-chord-photo