Hooked On A Feeling (from Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Here's how to play Hooked On A Feeling as featured in the soundtrack to the awesome movie Guardians Of The Galaxy!

This song was written by Mark James and originally performed by B. J. Thomas in the 60s. 

My tutorial is accurate to the version by Blue Suede, so long as you put the capo at 1st fret!

The strumming pattern I'm using is is D U - U - U - U , the same as in my Stuck In The Middle With You tutorial where I go into more detail on the strumming.

If that strumming is too difficult, then this strumming pattern will also work fine.

Hear the original recording in the video below. To play along to this, you need a capo at 1st fret. 

However! This video has the original song but detuned so it is in the key of G - so you won't need a capo to play along to this version! :)