B6 - 03 The most used strumming pattern - EVER!

A tie goes great with a smart suit. It is also used in music when we do not play on a main beat. This strumming is another variation on '8th down and up strumming' from Level 2, here’s a reminder of that...

8ths down and up strumming

If you haven’t covered how to miss out strums yet, see Level 3 strumming as you’ll need that before attempting this. This is harder as we are missing out beat 3. It is also the MOST COMMON STRUMMING PATTERNS. It is used in the songs Sweet Child O Mine, She Sells Sanctuary, I’m A Believer and Good Golly Miss Molly from Level 5; Hey Brother from Level 6; And Dock Of The Bay and Saw Her Standing There from Level 7. Told you it was common!

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Most common strumming ever

The important thing is to keep your hand moving the same as your normal 8th strumming. If there’s a pause at any point, it will go wrong. This can be tough but you will get it! If you really struggle, you’ll want to master your Level 3 strumming before attempting this.


If you struggle with this strumming pattern, make sure you can do this one first as the hand motion is the same!

8ths down and up strumming