Timeline Of Your Guitar Success - How To Learn Guitar

In this video I explain the 4 key stages of learning guitar. This video aims to shift the perspective of new guitarists who think you can learn in a linear 'level 1, level 2, 3 etc' beyond a beginner level & the pitfalls of doing so.

Even though I personally studied music academically to degree level, I feel that this along with the 'grading system' (grade 1, grade 2) is an inefficient & even ineffective way for most people to achieve and MAINTAIN a high level on guitar. 

More so, IT IS NOT the way that most of my musical heroes (Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Emmanuel and John Mayer among many others) developed their skills

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The 4 stages of successful long term guitar players is (in my opinion);

- Easy Songs

- Harder Songs

- Playing With Other Musicians

- Your Musical Outlet

Having filmed this video a few weeks back, I'd now add 1 other crucial 'stage'; learning to play 'by ear', which means developing the ability to copy music that you hear, and even to then improvise over it freely.