Lesson 1 - Dominant 7th CAGED Shapes

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Welcome to Acoustic Blues with Mike Bradley!

In this first lesson we're looking at Dominant 7th chords, with relation to the CAGED shapes in the key of E. Dominant 7th chords add flavour to a chord by adding the Minor 7th note to a major chord.

Lesson Aims

  • Learn the Dominant 7th versions of the CAGED Shapes
  • Try transposing these shapes to a different key

E7 Chord With CAGED Shapes

Blue = E shape, Green = D shape, Yellow = C shape, Red = A shape, Pink = G shape

Exercise 1 - E7 CAGED shapes TAB

Some play along music is missing from here because you have audio cookies disabled.

Next Up: Lesson 2 - Blues E7 Chord All Over The Neck

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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