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Thank you for checking out my free 10 Day Starter Course. I am thrilled it has been so popular!

Many people contact me asking where to go after completing the 10 days, so I have made a special video just on this topic, watch below. 

Remember, to have fully completed this 10 day course, you need to have played along with me in the 'Jam along' videos, which are at the bottom of each lesson 10 day lesson page. Where to go from here entirely depends on how playing along to these videos went.

Option 1 - Andy Guitar Beginners Course

Go here - Andy Guitar Beginners Course

Most people choose to consolidate their skills by following my online Beginners Course, which is my number 1 recommendation to enable you to continue making the best progress on guitar. You can then follow my Beginner, Improver and Intermediate syllabus, courses and song tutorials as your complete guitar to learning guitar up to a high level (up to a Grade 5 playing standard!)

Option 2 - More free similar song tutorials

Go here - Beginners Course Song Tutorials

Choose this if you want more similar songs and lessons that follow on perfectly from this course.

Remember - there are 1000+ free song tutorials on the main 'Songs' page, which is on the website here

Thank you once again for checking out my lessons. The feedback I've received from this 10 day course has been amazing. 

I wish you all the best from here in your guitar journey!

Course Completed!

Well done, you have completed the course.

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