5 things that separate Intermediate Guitarists from Beginners

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5 things that separate intermediate guitarists from beginners

Using the f barre chord in real songs

Any beginner can with a bit of patience play the f barre chord on it’s own. Using it in songs is what separates beginners from intermediates.

Placing 1 finger down at a time

This tends to be the underlying cause behind the symptom of things sounding bad

Learning chord based songs quickly

I’ve taught many people on Skype who say they have completed my beginners course, but they learn songs very slowly and don’t retain them, which means they didn’t take on enough songs while they were taking the course. Create a repertoire of songs you know

Working out strumming patterns by ear

Often when we can’t play something on the guitar, it’s not because we can’t physically do it. It can be because we can’t get our head around what we’re trying to re-create, we can’t hear it therefore we can’t play it. In my strumming course, we learn how to know the correct or appropriate strumming pattern by the tempo of the song. Fast songs have a certain hand motion and rhythm, and slow songs tend to have a different motion/ rhythm. my strumming course and unique strumming pattern ‘family tree’ takes you through this concept

Note finding

You will not get your head around intermediate concepts if you can’t work out what a note name is at a certain fret within a few seconds. Knowing the thicker 2 strings is an essential skill that is covered as part of my beginners course.