£5000 Guitar rig VS Garageband

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Last week, I went in the studio to record some Plexi style tube amp and show you guys how to record some classic rock tones in the studio, see that video here!

As a £5000 rig is out of reach for most people, i thought i'd compare our recording from last week to what can be achieved with Garageband amp simulations, from using presets to recreating exactly what we did in the studio in the software!

Garegeband is my recommended recording and music production software. It is free, but can only be used on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Similar results can be achieved on PC or Android devices with other software. Recommendations of amp sims on PC include GuitarRig, Amplitude, Waves GTR 3, Positive Grid BIAS all the way up to the top of the range premium amp simulators UAD by UAudio and Kemper, which both claim to reproduce most valve amp sounds arguably perfectly, and in my opinion they are pretty close!

Basic Garageband tutorials and recording videos to follow in the future - watch this space!