AC/DC - Back In Black

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Here it is, the number one AC/DC song request from my subscribers - how to play Back In Black by AC/DC!

Below, you'll find the guitar tutorial for the opening riff and the chorus in the first video. Below that is the faster riff near the end, and a bit more on the structure of the song so you can jam along to it!

See the video below for my tutorial of the main solo!

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This is an advanced level solo based on the E minor pentatonic scale. It is a perfect example of how to move between all 5 Minor Pentatonic Positions (it does also touch on the Blues scale and Mixolydian Mode too). Learning all 5 pentatonic shapes is an essential component of advanced guitar playing, whatever the genre.

Therefore, I have also included an exclusive video below, which teaches all 5 positions. This is from Lead Guitar 3, which is the 3rd course in my premium lead guitar online syllabus, available now exclusively to AAA members. The premium lesson includes interactive tab for this video - and there's a link to that below too - I hope it helps!

interactive tab - click here

E minor pentatonic scale - all 5 shapes

Each colour indicates a different shape. Notice the repetition of the same shape with the same notes but an octave higher on the neck!

Blue = position 1. Light blue = position 2. Green = position 3. Orange = position 4. Red = position 5

Click the button below for Andy's online lead guitar courses, which can take you from a total novice to a pro in lead guitar!

lead guitar course - click here

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