Advice for studying guitar as a BA Hons Degree or Masters Degree

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This time of year is when many people are deciding whether to study music at college, degree or masters level and deciding where they should study.

In this video, Andy talks with Bruce John Dickinson about what musicians should demand from a music degree and what the college that Bruce runs can offer.

Bruce is the co-founder of Waterbear Music College in Brighton. Waterbear music college can help you achieve your music goals either by studying in Brighton, from wherever you live in the world via video learning or a mix of the two. (yes, you can even study from the USA!!) 

Studying guitar or music at degree level isn't for everyone. For those that are super serious about their playing and want it to be their career, Waterbear offer a variety of music courses at degree and masters level and Andy is a proud endorser of what they have to offer. 

Should YOU study at degree level? Want to discuss what options are available to you? Talk with Andy directly here or talk to Bruce and the team to see how they can help you at

The course we're mainly referring to is the BA (Hons) in Commercial Music, which includes the guitar syllabus we talk about, as well as modules to help you with your wider music career.

Check out the Waterbear YouTube channel for loads more videos from Bruce! An embedded YouTube video is missing from here because you have video cookies disabled.

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