One thing to improve on guitar // Another Guitar Show Episode 1

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Welcome to the first ever episode of 'Another Guitar Show'!

This is a brand new weekly guitar show that will go live every Sunday from now on. This show is made in partnership with the fantastic guys at Your Guitar Academy.

In our first ever episode of Another Guitar Show we start with the question "what is the number 1 thing that will improve your guitar playing". We also introduce two ear challenge sections to the show! See a full write up below as well including TAB!

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Here's a writeup of this episode!


As the guys chat about in the first part of the video, using a metronome is so important to progressing your playing. So, the only thing the guys didn't talk about is where to find a metronome. You have endless options from apps, websites, physical products and more. Here are a few links that may help you find the perfect metronome for you.


  1. Simply type metronome into Google and Google has a really cool little app at the top of the screen


  3. Physical Metronome from KORG

  4. If you use a MAC, fire up Garage Band and you can even drop in a drum loop!

  5. Drum App online: It's a little more complicated, but drums can seriously help rather than 'bleep bleep'!

  6. Fire up the app store on your phone and search 'metronome' and take your pick!


We loved this section! The four tracks were 'Sunshine Of Your Love', 'Sweet Home Alabama', 'Whole Lotta Love' and 'Twist & Shout'! If you are interested in learning these tracks, simply click the links below and we'll direct you to either the lesson on this website or at


  1. 'Sunshine Of Your Love' Guitar Lesson 

  2. 'Sweet Home Alabama' Guitar Lesson

  3. 'Whole Lotta Love' Guitar Lesson

  4. 'Twist & Shout' Guitar Lesson


For the final part of the show Andy & Thomas test each others ear skills! We had some really cool little licks on display from both chaps, so we've tabbed them out below. Give them a try yourself!

Thomas lick #1

Thomas lick #2

Thomas lick #3

Andy lick #1

Andy lick #2

Andy lick #3

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